-What is (a) Poi?

Poi is my path of imagination, and now a physical point of interest?

-When did Poi being?

Poi has existed since I was born.
Mostly, I am reminded of my childhood and the blue toilet cleaner that my mom used to put into the toilet water. I always stared and watched it, wanting to become one with it. I couldn’t stop my emotional feelings then I immersed my head in the toilet, trying to become one with the color -  It felt like an orgasm. This might have been the first time Poi appeared. 


-Why Poi is on the street?

There are many “Jizou” in Japan. Jizou are small stone statues that act as the ancient guardian deity of towns in Japan. People greet to, talk to and pray for the -  I always greeted them when I came across them.

In the back of my mind I always felt that the Jizou might help with something that I could rely on (heart and soul.) I wanted to embody something that I believe in and out of this came Poi. Because I live in NY now, I’m not available to greet  Jizou, so I decided to make my own - hence Poi in NYC.

-Why Poi is on the Map?

I always wondered how I could make a bigger drawing. I'm using the connect the dot drawing game that I always played when I was a child, but instead of using a simple page, I'm using cities. 

-Where is Poi?

Poi is everywhere. Now, in Lower Manhattan and in Shibuya, Tokyo.

-When will Poi end?

It won’t. It will never end as long as I continue to make art, because Poi is me. Poi is my alter ego. He lives in my heart. Maybe, when I die, it ends.